Friday 11th February 2014 – The day my speedway dreams came true

Since I’m home for Easter my Dad thought it would be good to take the drive down to watch speedway since we won’t get to very often any more. Now last summer whilst I was away, my Dad’s company did a corporate evening at my local speedway track and got to meet the riders and team and watch from the centre green. I was absolutely gutted that I couldn’t be there and both of my parents have been bragging about it since!

So on Friday we arrived at the track and my Dad turned to me and said did I want to watch from the centre green. At first I was confused because this privilege is usually only for mascots or corporate events. However, my Dad had emailed the organiser and asked if it was possible to let me go on the centre green as I had missed out last year.

This is probably a good time to explain that speedway is like a massive family. All of the management, organisers and even riders are so friendly, helpful and always willing to talk. So when my Dad emailed the guy just said sure come and meet me before hand and we will sort it. That’s just the sort of people they are. They want to please their fans, it’s such a good ethic to have.

So I spent the first four races of the meeting watching from the centre green. It was insane. To see some of my favourite racers riding up that close and see how close their bikes get on the first corner is just mad. I spent the whole time just grinning from ear to ear. Just gutted I didn’t take my camera!


I can’t ever thank Mark Sexton and the Lakeside Hammers enough for that oppurtunity. I am so grateful to be part of the best speedway family there is!